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Tuesday, 26 June 2007


In my younger Guardian-reading, idealistic, post-student days (c. the year 2000) I enjoyed briefly visiting the website irational.org
Or rather, what I mean to say is that I enjoyed it without ever really understanding it.

It’s hard to describe the thing really, so you should just visit it.

Looking on the site recently it appears that it has not been updated in about seven years, which means that the ragtag bunch of art students and ‘political ironists’ who created it are presumably now in comfortable office jobs, and have left that phase of their lives behind.

You see, none of it really makes any sense. It’s all very impressive in a sort of detached and unholistic (is that a word?) way, and the section on the Party of Dry Pain running for the local election still makes me laugh; that, along with the various threatening letters received from the solicitors of Tesco, Sainsburys et al regarding copyright infringement, hint at some fine ideas, but possibly the whole enterprise is pitched at a level which is a little too subtle for me.

I googled irational.org to see if any of the members were still alive and ironicising (now that’s definitely not a word). I came across another such website which seemed to stand for the same sort of things (whatever they are), but it sadly had not been updated since 2005.

Perhaps, in this post-9/11 milieu, Political Irony is a bit too much like shooting fish in a barrel for some people.


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