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Sunday, 23 September 2007


It's a platform game and not a point and click, but I reckon you'll enjoy Knytt. It's made by the good people at Nifflas, who are responsible for the popular Within A Deep Forest, and is available as a download for Windows.

The story goes thus: Knytt is kidnapped from his home planet by an alien in a UFO, only for the craft to crash-land on a mysterious planet en route to the alien's world. The impact of the smash sends the various mechanical bits and bobs for miles over (and under) the planet's surface, so Knytt sets off to find each item to rebuild the craft.

Knytt can move, jump and cling to walls, as he explores the various zones that make up the planet, from desert sector to a subterrenean gloom guarded by spiders. Each area holds one of the pieces necessary for repair, and Knytt can get a clue to the nearest piece's whereabouts by shining a light and watching for the direction the light indicates.

This is a terrific little game, and although it's relatively short and gameplay not too varied, it represents a decent challenge. Each of the different areas are drawn superbly, and a great imagination is showcased here. The puzzles basically consist of working out how to access the various pieces, as one usually has to take the long way around, going past, around and over the residents of the world, as they go about their business unfazed by your presence.

Music is limited, with just the occasional little flourish of sound for a few seconds when you enter a new zone. That is not to say that the game is poorer for the lack of music, in fact you could say that it benefits from the subdued ambience. I particularly enjoyed the sounds that greet you when you come across the Mexican-esque level, with its cacti and snakes.

Take some time to enjoy the Knytt experience.


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