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Friday, 6 July 2007

Homestar Runner

Without question the best thing on the internet, Homestar Runner follows the misadventures of a bunch of curiously-shaped cartoon kids and their attempts to kidnap mythical birds, found autonomous countries and check their e-mails.

The main characters are Strongbad, who dresses like a Mexican wrestler but with boxing gloves, and Homestar Runner himself, a lanky white…erm…guy with no arms at all. Check out the Strong Bad Email section or the Toons for the rub.

The former showcases Strongbad’s withering responses to e-mails sent in by visitors to the site- example Q- What would you do if a little animal came up to you? A - see for yourself. The latter features the wider circle of characters, including Homestar’s on/off girlfriend Marzipan, unscrupulous concession stand proprietor Bubs, and Strongbad’s sidekick The Cheat.

There’s also a Games section, consisting mostly of little homages to classic 80s video games, but involving characters and scenarios from the Homestar website. Peasant Quest is a particular favourite, an old-school adventure game with a text parser, a lot of mud, and a dragon (the mighty Trogdor).

If you haven’t visited the website before, then check it out. If you have heard of it, then why are you still here? Get over there now! It might have been updated!


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