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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Le Musee

How's your knowledge of French art? Good, I hope, because you've found yourself at the heart of something mysterious taking place in a gallery.

Anode et Cathode are a French design company who have made a few point and click games for us all to enjoy online. The best of the batch is Le Musee, wherein we have to find the items that are missing from a bunch of paintings. For example, the toga'd Roman figure in one painting is missing his headgear, so we have to hunt the museum for appropriate Roman headgear and then replace it on the painting.

Doing this brings the painting briefly to life, and then we move on.

A basic knowledge of French comes in handy at certain points in the game, and given that my skills are just that, basic, I'm assuming that even if your Gallic is non-existent you should be able to progress.

The atmosphere of the game is nicely surreal, with the cupid and the squirrel in the outdoor maze (maybe it makes sense in French...), and the slightly unnerving graphical style helps to set a sinister scene. We're never 'trapped' in the museum, so this isn't a frantic quest for keys, computer disks and four-digit codes, but rather an educational stroll through some French point and click.

Definitely worth a punt.


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