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Sunday, 8 July 2007

Vesmirna Becherovka

Also known as '2004: Space Becherovka', this is a game that appears to have been made in association with a Czech alcoholic beverage of same name. It’s available in both Czech and English, and can be downloaded from right here

Firstly, be warned that the translation leaves a little to be desired, and seems to have come straight out of a pocket dictionary. Also, and irritatingly, the final scenes of the game dissolve into periodic Czech even in the English language version, complicating the completion of the game.

The ‘plot’ of the game is that our young hero, Viktor, finds himself first heartbroken, then hostage on a space ship. Once aboard the ship he begins his attempt to escape, which in turn leads to his involuntarily trying to save the universe from Daft Vapour.

Oh yes, it’s a kind of Star Wars parody. Did I mention that? Well if I didn’t, then it’s because the game doesn’t follow the events of that hallowed triumvirate closely enough to warrant the term ‘parody’, yet it is shot through with feebly-named clones (Obi-Wan Cenosis, for example) and allusions to the films.

It really would have been better for the author to have avoided Star Wars altogether, and simply set the game in space, as despite the flaws of bad translation, iffy graphics and odd puzzles, the game is strangely charming.

It’s the standard fare of using items that you collect to solve puzzles, open doors, decapitate henchmen etc. Instead of having a separate command for look, speak etc, you just get the one all-purpose interact command, which works satisfactorily.

Not speaking Czech, or knowing the culture, I’m not aware of whether the game is in someway connected to the company which makes Becherovka, or (as seems more likely) one man’s homage to his favourite drink. Whatever, the product placement doesn’t really get in the way of the action.

It’s hard to wholeheartedly recommend the game, as it’s quite linear, a bit buggy and not particularly long, but there’s something about it that kept me playing. Maybe I’m just a sucker for games set on a spaceship, even if they are mind-numbingly derivative.


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