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Monday, 12 November 2007

Which Way Adventure

It's a bit tricky to review this game as it's rather daft, so I'll just have to explain the concept and the humour, and you can judge for yourself. Let me say though that it's NOT FOR KIDS. Some of the humour and the situations are a little ribald for young minds.

Which Way Adventure is a choose-your-own-path game where you're presented with at least 2 options per screen to advance the story. Starting in the school playground, you can end up in the circus, travelling back in time, starting a nuclear war or being devoured by a manticore, amongst other things.

The game is a terrifically addled, referencing b-movies, video games and other such popular culture. If you have a puerile sense of humour (check) and you aren't easily offended by the concept of, say, sleeping with your own mother (erm...check?) then this is the game for you.

There are multiple endings, and even though some of them can be accessed in a matter of seconds, there is enough incentive here to keep coming back and discovering all the ridiculous and surreal universes in which the action can be concluded. Sitting through the nuclear holocaust cut-scene for the umpteenth time can be a little grating, but it's not a major bugbear.

There are little cookie scenes throughout the game that can be accessed if you're quick enough on the mouse trigger, and maybe one day you'll manage to get that damned uniform off before the manticore gets you...

...or maybe not.


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