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Monday, 23 July 2007

Disco Driscoll 23.07.07

The search for decent point and click games can be a laborious one. I visit Lazylaces and the AGS page, to name but two, on a daily basis, but you sure have to open a few oysters before you get the pearls. As the majority of the games are fan-made and free, you can’t really complain if the action is not to your liking, but nevertheless it can be frustrating when you haven’t played a great game for while.

The wait for new games from heavyweights of the scene like Grundislav and Yahtzee is somewhat akin to a perpetual Christmas Eve, with (hopefully) not the same kind of underwhelming ‘oh well that’s that over for another year’ at the end of it. Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration; I remember Xmas morning as a kid slightly more fondly than I do the first time I played Trilby’s Notes, but only slightly.

So here at Disco Driscoll, we sift through the plethora of point and click / adventure games out there and report on the best. But not just the best, also the odd, the extremely risible even- anything worthy of a mention.

So you don’t have to plough through 1,000 interminable Japanese stuck-in-a-room games (inventory: match, jug of water, cable) only to get some incomprehensible (unless you’re Japanese) congratulatory message at the end. We’ll do it for you. Or more likely, we’ll just recommend other games.


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